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Our Practice

Serving Patients Since 1990

Established by Sonia M. Celpa, A.P. , Celpa Clinic has been servicing the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years. At Celpa Clinic, we are the EXPERTS in patient care for individuals involved in automobile accidents, worker compensation, slip & falls and post-surgery care. The staff at CELPA CLINIC consists of a Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, TMJ Specialist, Physical Therapist, PTA, and Massage Therapist who are all here to provide the absolute best treatment that will help restore you to your pain-free lifestyle quickly!

CELPA CLINIC has successfully served as a special type of umbrella for their patients while they undergo the legal aspect of their claim. We integrate several treatments that range between Western and Eastern medicine, without limiting the possibility of referrals to diagnostic centers, and specialized doctors, when required, all in an efficient and cost-effective way.

CELPA CLINIC is known for its excellent patient care, flexible business hours, convenient location, its bilingual staff, its strong patient satisfaction and the ability to communicate one-on-one with the patients and their respective attorneys.

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